In Pittsburgh

Aisha and Hossein have arrived in Pittsburgh, PA for the 2018 AIChE Annual meeting. As can be seen in the top image, Aisha’s and Hossein’s posters were side-by-side during Monday afternoon’s poster session. Hossein’s poster focused on our group’s species-reaction graph analysis approach to chemical reaction networks. He will also be giving a talk on Wednesday on our NASA-sponsored atomic layer deposition of indium oxide thin films.
Aisha’s poster focused on the optimal wiring of PV cells and by-pass diodes to maximize the economic performance of the resulting PV modules under partial-shading conditions. She also gave a talk immediately following the poster session on her experimental and modeling study of the hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions in electrolyzers used to split water.

Specific times and links to the abstracts can be found in the previous post.

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