Alumni updates

This year ends with good news regarding three of our research group’s recent alumni. First, David Arana-Chavez (PhD 2015) has taken an Assistant Professor position at the Upper Technological Institute of Abasolo, a relatively new university in Guanajuato, Mexico. He is working in the Department of Renewable Energy Engineering, which focuses on biofuel and PV technologies. David has been teaching linear algebra, material and energy balances, and other engineering courses and is working on establishing his research program. Second, Krishnaprasath (KP) Ramakrishnan (MS 2016) has recently accepted a position in the San Francisco Bay area with Vibrant Genomics, a company developing semiconductor-based tools for genomic analysis and the biomedical applications. David and KP both worked in the area of reaction network analysis and are now finding completely new application areas for their research. Finally, Pranay Gupta (ME 2016) has recently taken a solar-energy related position as a Field Performance Engineer for Sunpreme, also located in the Bay area. Congratulations to KP, David, and Pranay on their well-deserved success.

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