pkulowresCHBE451 Photovoltaics: Solar Energy

Most recently taught: Fall 2016 and Summer 2016 (Peking University)

Fall 2016 syllabus

The emphasis of this class is on developing a conceptual understanding of the device physics and manufacturing processes of crystalline and thin-film photovoltaic cells, and to develop elementary computational skills necessary to quantify solar cell efficiency. The class material includes detailed, system-level energy balances necessary to understand how solar energy fits into the complete energy generation, conversion, and storage picture. Quantitative comparisons of PV technology to solar chemical conversion processes and biofuels are made.

ENES489P Hands-On Systems Engineering Projects

Most recently taught: Fall 2016

Fall 2016 syllabus

This hands-on design projects course will expose senior-level undergraduates and graduate students from all areas of engineering to exciting career opportunities in the systems engineering field. Students will be introduced to the technical aspects of systems engineering practice through team-based project development and a systematic step-by-step procedure for product development that includes defining operations concepts, requirements gathering and organization, synthesis of models of system behavior and system structure, functional allocation to create system design alternatives, formal assessment of design alternatives through tradeoff analysis, and established approaches to testing and validation/verification. The students will be introduced to modern methods in Model-Based Systems Engineering, and industrial strength tools and environments for complex systems synthesis. Team projects may address problems from a wide variety of disciplines or cross-disciplines.

CHBE446 Chemical Engineering Economics and Design II

Most recently taught: Spring 2016

The course description and project basis can be found at: spring 2016 syllabus, which also has a modest number of links to useful process design on-line resources.