Current group members

The research group in 2019 including (left to right) Hossein Salami, Akash Warty, Ray Adomaitis, Aisha Alobaid, Brianna Sheard, Aarathi Vadapathy, Alan Uy, and Ching-En Ku. Not pictured: Corrine Grob, Akanksha Bhat, Jinay Shah, and Justin Foss.
Student Degree Thesis/Project
Aisha Alobaid PhD ChE 2019 Modeling and optimization of a photovoltaic-electrolysis system for hydrogen generation
Akanksha Bhat MSSE 2019 expected A multiscale resource management application for net-zero homes and communities
Corinne Grob MEng ChE 2019 expected Residual gas analysis for atomic layer deposition systems
Hossein Salami PhD ChE 2019 expected An experimental and graph theoretic study of atomic layer deposition processes for spacecraft applications
Jinay Shah MEng SEE 2019 expected Irradiance modeling for solar energy system design calculations
Brianna Sheard BS ChE 2020 expected Functionalization and ALD growth of metal oxide films on carbon nanotubes
Alan Uy PhD ChE 2021 expected ALD of anti-reflection coatings for spacecraft-based far-UV astronomy applications
Aarathi Vadapalli MS ChE 2019 expected Atomic layer deposition of Ni and NiO films
Justin Foss BS/MS ChE 2020 expected A systems engineering approach to precursor property database management
Ching-En Ku MS ChE 2020 expected TBD
Akash Warty ME ChE 2020 expected TBD
The research group in 2016 including (left to right) Eyuel Gorfu, Alan Uy, Aisha Alobaid, Harika Vakkantula, Krishnaprasath Ramakrishnasubramanian, Hossein Salami, Andrew Poissant. Not pictured: Kevin Moy and Jonathan Jones
Group alumni – PhD
David Arana-Chavez PhD ChE 2015 Reaction factorization for distributed deposition systems: Application to copper film growth Current employer: Upper Technological Institute of Abasolo
Curtisha Travis PhD ChE 2014 Model-based analysis of atomic layer deposition growth kinetics and multiscale process dynamics Current employer: Cristal
Vivek Dwivedi PhD ChE 2010 A multiscale model for an atomic layer deposition process Current employer: NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center
Ramaswamy Sreenivasan PhD ChE 2007 Combinatorial experiments using a spatially programmable chemical vapor deposition system
Rinku Parikh PhD ChE 2006 Simulation-based design, optimization, and control of
silicon carbide and gallium nitride thin-film chemical vapor deposition reactor systems
. Current employer: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, L.L.P.
Jing Chen PhD ChE 2006 Development of an object-oriented framework for modular chemical process simulation with semiconductor manufacturing applications. Current employer: Aspen Tech
Jae-Ouk Choo PhD ChE 2004 Development of a spatially-controllable chemical vapor deposition system. Current employer: Samsung
Hsiao-Yung Chang PhD ChE 2000 Modeling and simulation of a tungsten chemical vapor deposition reactor. Current employer: Novellus Systems, Inc.
Yi-hung Lin PhD ChE 1999 From Detailed Simulation to Model Reduction: Development of numerical tools for a plasma processing application. Current employer: Intel Corporation
Artemis Theodoropoulou PhD ChE 1997 Temperature uniformity control for rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition reactors. Current employer: OSI Software, Inc. (co-advised with Prof. Zafiriou)
The research group in 2013 including (left to right) Michael Lanzo, Christopher Miller, Guowei Sun, David Arana-Chavez, Aisha Alobaid, Bryce Manubay, Elizabeth Remmers, Curtisha Travis, and Dr. Maria Burka (on sabbatical from NSF)
Group alumni – MS
Harika Vakkantula MS ChE 2017 Modeling of thin-films for self-cleaning surfaces
Alan Uy MS ChE 2017 Systems engineering-based model development: Application to predictive simulation of a net-zero home
Krishnaprasath Ramakrishnasubramanian MS ChE 2016 Reaction network analysis for thin-film deposition processes Current employer: Vibrant Genomics
Pranay Gupta ME Sustainable Energy 2016 Reactor operation for ZnO ALD. Current employer: Vista Solar
Abubakr Eltayeb Hamid MS SE 2015 A Model-Based Systems Engineering Design approach of a sustainable building energy management system using wireless sensor networks
Elizabeth Remmers MS ChE 2014 Ab initio determination of kinetics for atomic layer deposition modeling
Negin Shahshahan MS ChE 2009 A simplified model of planetary chemical vapor deposition reactors
Deepa Subramanian MS ChE 2009 Phase behavior and interfacial phenomena in ternary systems (co-advised with Prof. Anisimov)
Maria del Pilar Leon MS ChE 2008 Full Wafer Map Response Surface Models for
Combinatorial chemical vapor deposition reactor operations
Thomas Palathra MS ChE 2008 Multiscale simulation of a silicon wafer slicing operation. Current employer: NSWC
Jens Weisflog MS Systems Engineering 2008 An XML application-based interface to developing modular system simulations
Ashish Sabadra MS ChE 2001 Conducting polymer gas sensor system simulation and parameter identification. Current employer: Oracle, Inc.
Jiefei Huang MS ChE 2000 An object-oriented programming approach to implementing global spectral methods: Application to dynamic simulation of a chemical vapor infiltration process. Current employer: Fannie Mae
Yong Li MS ChE 2000 Micro gas sensor system simulation. Current Employer: North Carolina State University (co-advised with Prof. McAvoy)
The research group in 2008 including (left to right) Deepa Subramanian, Tom Palathra, Negin Shahshahan, Vivek Dwivedi, Pilar Leon, Rama Sreenivasan, Jens Weisflog, and Glenn Guglietta
Group alumni – BS
Andrew Poissant BS ChE 2017, MSSE 2018 ALD reactor modeling and operation
Jonathan Jones BS ChE 2017, MSSE 2018 Systems engineering for PV power
Eyuel Gorfu BS ChE 2017 Thin-film engineering
Kevin Moy BS ChE 2017 Thin-film engineering
Megan Von Bargen BS ChE 2017 Experimental evaluation of solar-powered self cleaning surfaces
Bryce Manubay BS ChE 2015 ALD reactor design and operation. Current employer: University of Colorado, Boulder
Christopher Miller BS ChE 2013 Electrochemical evaluation of semiconductors for PEC applications. Current employer: SUNY Buffalo
Michael Lanzo BS ChE 2012 Copper oxides for PEC applications
Tim Wanga BS ChE 2010 Electrochemistry of photoelectrochemical water decomposition
Glenn Guglietta BS ChE 2009 Metal oxide semiconductor CVD for solar energy applications
Ramsey Zeitoun BS ChE 2005 Sulfunation of methane as a new route to methanol production
Daniel Markus BS ChE 2005 SiC wafer warp simulation
Erin Evans BS ChE 2003 SiC MOVPE reactor simulator development and validation
Brendan Hoffman BS ChE 2003 GaN CVD reactor simulator development and validation
Erin Wilson REU 1999 A simulation study of gas temperature in a CVD reactor
Andrew Birkmire BS ChE 1997 Process gas compression system modeling
Shi Jie (Jack) Chen BS ChE 1997 Semiconductor process modeling
Dheeraj Joshi BS ChE 1997 Kinetics of polysilicon deposition
Peter Loezos BS ChE 1997 Carbon-carbon CVI process modeling and optimization
Ahmad Sadr BS ChE 1997 Distributed computing techniques
Anthony White BS ChE 1994 Polysilicon CVD reaction kinetics (co-advised with Prof. Zafiriou)
Sheela Baheti REU 1994 Emissivity-compensated RTP temperature control
The research group in 2003 including (left to right) Erin Evans, Rinku Parikh, Brendan Hoffman, Jing Chen, and Jae Choo